What is an ARGO?

The ARGO is a fully amphibious 8-Wheel drive utility vehicle capable of traversing all types of different terrain.


Whether it is for a commercial, governmental/public sector or personal utility application, ARGO fills the gap between recreational quads and heavy off road equipment. ARGO will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.

Terrain Capabilities

The 8x8 mobility and strong-but-light construction give ARGOs the low ground pressure and traction to traverse all types of soft and difficult soils including muck, swamp, muskeg and snow. With their add-on rubber tracks, ARGOs tread as lightly as your own footprint. The Argo will swim or ford water obstacles with no preparation required entering or exiting. The integral skid plate and high ground clearance of the ARGO body prevents bottoming out or hanging up on terrain obstacles

Water crossings, marshes, deep mud, snow, ice, sand, steep hills and rugged back country….The ARGO can handle it all with ease. The ARGO goes where others can’t follow!

PCP Motorsports is the source for ARGO 8x8 vehicles in California! We have established ourselves as the go to shop for all of your ARGO needs be it Sales, Service, Parts or Accessories.


Our large showroom space allows us to stock many different models of ARGO vehicles like the 8x8 Frontier, 8X8 750 HDi and the 8x8 XTi. Call (800) 575-9933 today to have one of our trained ARGO sales associates assist you with any questions you may have about the product.

CARB Compliance: It’s very important when shopping for an ARGO that you get one that complies with CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations. We are the only dealer that sells CARB certified ARGO vehicles that comply with California emissions laws. Don’t get fooled by the competitors trying to sell you Non-CARB legal vehicles that CAN NOT be registered in California!


We stock a large array of ARGO parts and accessories to fit your needs. In store pick up or shipping, we can help you out! We offer wholesale and government billing programs as well. Contact our Parts department today at (800) 575-9933.


We are the only ARGO certified service facility in California. Our trained technicians will keep your ARGO in tip top shape so it will be ready when you are. It’s crucially important to have your ARGO vehicle serviced regularly every year especially for all of you waterfowl and big game hunters. Our 6,000 sqft state of the art service facility can handle many ARGO vehicles at once and in turn get you back into the hunt in no time. Call our service advisors today at (800) 575-9933 to schedule your next appointment.